Todas las personas son un problema, pero algunas también tienen solución.

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

So you want me to tell you something about myself? I don’t have anything to say. Even if I did, you’d be wrong to believe me. Trust is a lie. Nobody ever knows anyone.

Maybe its way too early to say it. Even think it. But I think I've found another home.

2 comentarios:

  1. creo que lo he pillado por lo que si lo he entendido sin traductor bien...contestaré que: mola que hayas encontrado otro lugar al que llamar hogar! pero allí no estoy yo, no mola tanto

  2. I hope I know about you isn't a lie. =)

    I'm trying to know myself.. then, maybe, I could know somebody more.

    Finding new homes is a good thing, it means that you are going to be save in more places.

    the countdown to see us is begining! =)=)=)